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I believe in transparency on the internet, so I wish to disclose that any links to products on this site may contain affiliate links such that I will receive an affiliate commission for any purchase that you make after you click on that link. Although this refers to some (not all) links on this site, I want you to know that some links are affiliate links.

There are also many programs, products and services recommended on the Socially Sorted site, just because I love them and want to share them with you, without having an affiliate arrangement in place. However, because of the number of posts and the volume of information on this site, it is easier for me to ask you to presume that any links to products and services are affiliate links and that I will receive compensation from them.

Please understand that I only list products and services on this site that I have tried myself or investigated fully, or believe to be valuable for your business.  I am not and will not act as an affiliate for any tool, product or service that I do not use or have not used in my business.  I choose to use affiliate links to enable me to fund the time it takes for me to write content and provide my community with valuable information.

If I am rarely gifted an item for editorial consideration I will state it in the actual post.  I do not as a rule do sponsored posts, but if that is to be considered in future, full disclosure of the relationship between myself and any brand, product or services will be disclosed in the post.

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Content Disclaimer

This is where we need to state the obvious (in the nicest possible way). Any program purchased via this site is designed for purely educational purposes, and the application of the training, videos, worksheets, advice and strategies presented in this training is to be done at the user’s discretion. The authors, publishers and owners of this site make no representations or warranties of any kind in relation to this site or its contents, and do not represent or warrant that the information on this site is accurate, current or complete. Neither any directors, employees or representatives of the aforementioned companies and businesses will be held liable or responsible for any damage (either direct, incidental or consequential) caused by or alleged to be caused by the information contained in this site. We can not guarantee your results, earnings, or future earnings as a result of completing any programs for sale, and advice given on this site should not take the place of any legal or professional advice. Examples of successful results following the use of a product or service should not be considered as typical and results may vary, although it is our sincere hope that you kick some goals in your business and gain benefit form the training. It goes without saying, that if you do not take action after completing the program, then you are not likely to see results.